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About Us

Welcome to GradShare - the online community where graduate students help each other succeed! Making the most of the graduate school experience means having the right tools and the right information. GradShare has the help that students need to really excel.

GradShare offers guidance on the full breadth of the graduate experience, such as dissertation topic selection, grants, financial aid, and work-life balance. Moreover, students can find and share advice on research, writing, publishing, job search, and other topics that help them become more effective in their work.

The Get Answers section contains user-generated content that allows peer mentoring, including sharing questions, answers, and bookmarks. Visitors can browse for answers to their questions by academic field and topic area. The Expert Advice section provides explanations and insights relating to graduate studies from experienced faculty members and administrators.

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For Students

Graduate school presents you with many challenges, but you don't have to go through them alone. In addition to your campus peers and advisors, GradShare allows you to learn from fellow grads across the US & Canada.

Pick your Subject Area and start exploring the questions that your peers have already asked. GradShare offers help on diverse topics like teaching techniques, finding jobs, and finding the right balance between school and social life.

  • This is your chance to ask the questions you weren't comfortable asking during orientation.
  • Advisors and friends too busy? GradShare is always available, so browse our topics to see what questions have already been asked.
  • Explore our Expert Advice; brief descriptions of how to overcome typical grad school challenges. They're written by prominent faculty and staff.
  • Don't forget to share your experience by answering questions for others. This is your chance to be there for your fellow grads.

Join GradShare to make the most of all the community benefits.

  • Participate in the community by asking, answering, and rating questions.
  • Get personalized recommendations from your university about campus services and online resources.*
  • Track questions with email alerts.
  • Receive updates about new questions and Expert Advice in your subject area.
  • Click here to join.

*Note: Universities must add links for recommendations. Ask your Graduate School dean or Graduate Studies coordinator about signing up.

For University Administrators

Many graduate students are truly on their own for the first time in graduate school; making their own schedule and starting their own research. Successful students use their university resources to get ahead and GradShare lets you reach out to digital natives in their own environment. Our question and answer forums provide insight on topics that students are unable or unwilling to ask in person, while Expert Advice provides essential information on demand.

GradShare is a free tool that connects you to your students by highlighting campus services and online resources. We work with Graduate School Deans, Coordinators and other student services representatives set up your account and help you introduce GradShare to your community.

You can:

  • Share context sensitive links that match up with community topics.
  • Add university programs and services like the writing center and research office so that graduate students know where to go for help.
  • Link to online policies, guides, and events.

Don't miss out. Add your university to GradShare to make sure your students are getting the help they need. Join now.

For Librarians

Graduate students know that the library is a great resource for completing their coursework and their research, but they don't always start their search on the library website. Web searches and public resources are second nature to digital natives, so GradShare lets you reach them where they are.

GradShare is a free tool that connects you to information seekers by highlighting library databases and tools. We provide an administrative account that lets you add important resources and categorize them to show up alongside appropriate topics and subject areas.

You can:

  • Leverage a highly visible, multinational website that's indexed by major search engines.
  • Experiment with our resource recommendation service.
  • Pick the most important resources or add your library subject guides.

Don't miss out. Add your university to GradShare to make sure your students are getting the help they need. Join now.

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