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The Six Most Costly Mistakes To Avoid While Negotiating Salary or Bonuses
Thank you for reading our article, published by www.finishyourthesis...
Aug 7, 2014
11:49:06 AM
Job Searching and Goal-Setting the SMART Way
If you are one of those people who are tired of setting goals, you are in good company. Many of us shudder at the thought of goals, deadlines and New Year's resolutions because we feel that we are just setting ourselves up for disappointments. Yet, ...
Nov 12, 2010
6:47:56 PM
Cover Letters That Get the Call
Cover letters are one of the least favorite parts of the job searching process for most applicants. Cookie-cut cover letters will not get a second glance, and writing a specific letter for each position is time-consuming. Yet, cover letters give you the ...
Oct 31, 2010
7:00:46 AM
Social Networking & Job Searching in the Life Sciences
When we think of social networking and job searching in the same context, LinkedIn immediately comes to mind. While LinkedIn is the number one professional networking site, there are several others that can be very useful for job seekers. In this blog, I ...
Oct 16, 2010
8:14:43 PM
Three Things Employers Want To Find Out About You During an Interview
After the hiatus in hiring during the summer, employers are once again posting job ads and leafing through piles of desperate resumes. The lucky candidates will get interviews either because they sent in an outstanding resume, or (more likely) an ...
Sep 19, 2010
9:02:59 PM
Getting Your Feet Wet in Academia with Adjunct Positions
A few years ago I met Jenny (not her real name) at a friend's BBQ party. Jenny was the mother of two young children and an Adjunct Professor in the Humanities. "How do you like your job?" I asked her. "Well, it has its ups and downs," she said. "I love ...
Sep 6, 2010
11:59:29 AM
Two Big Mistakes After A Job Interview
Imagine that you just had an interview for your dream job. The position is a perfect fit, you like the work environment, and you feel that you nailed the interview. What is the next step? What can you do to make sure that the interviewers do not forget ...
Jul 26, 2010
1:35:29 PM
Career Fairs: What's The Point?
Just a few weeks ago, I was talking with Tomas (not his real name) who came back from a career fair completely exhausted. "I do not know what the purpose of career fairs is anymore," he said with an air of disappointment in his voice. "I stood in line for ...
Jul 12, 2010
6:41:28 AM
Networking, For Real!
Good Morning! A few weeks ago, I ran into one of my good friends at a cafe, and asked her how she was doing. "Great!," she replied. "I love my job. I have been with this company for 2 years. That's a real record for me!" We both laughed, because this was ...
Jul 6, 2010
9:46:48 AM
Online Job Searching Tools
My friend Dayna (not her real name), was just called in for an interview at a highly desirable company just three weeks after she applied online. Online job applications usually have a low success rates and very slow turnaround times (if any), so what was ...
Jun 19, 2010
10:33:18 PM
Boost Your Faculty Job Search
Hello Gradshare Community! This is blog #5 from Grad Currents, and today I will write a little bit about the faculty job search. I know that career planning is on many students' minds, even if graduation is still a few years way. So, I will alternate ...
Jun 7, 2010
2:47:40 PM
Mastering Linkedin for Job Searching and More!
It seems like these days when you ask someone for suggestions on online job-searching tools, they give you a long list, and at the end, they say, "and of course, Linked In." LinkedIn started out in the living room of co-founder Reid Hoffman in ...
May 25, 2010
11:45:34 AM