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The wonderful World of Chocolate
As I sit sipping my hot chocolate and writing this blog, I cannot help feeling grateful (for the thousandth time) that the Native Americans have discovered the wonderful world of the Theobroma cacao beans, as early as 1900 B.C. The Aztecs and Mayans ...
Sep 29, 2011
10:27:25 PM
Food For Thought?
Does school lunch bring back memories of scoops of buttery mashed potatoes and greasy chicken drumsticks served with whole milk and a spork? With the national obesity rate on the rise, schools are opting for healthier food choices and are asking parents ...
Aug 27, 2011
3:07:50 PM
Pumpkins: More than Just Pie Fillers
Thanksgiving has come and gone (too quickly, it seems), but this feast-filled time of year reminds us of delicious foods that are sadly forgotten about the rest of the time. Pumpkin is a prime example a food that is packed with nutrients, but cooked very ...
Dec 4, 2010
9:54:08 PM
Refreshingly Nutritious
When I was a graduate student diet was the furthest thing from my mind. I had a busy schedule and a tight budget, and I ate food (a lot of which was free at the dorms and department seminars) just to get me through the day. Towards the end of my ...
Aug 1, 2010
7:02:23 PM