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GradShare 360 - Newt (the Schrute) Gingrich

I treat this blog like I'm playing it safe at a dinner party; I stay away from conversations about politics, money and religion. However, it's difficult not to have fun with some of the more light hearted political news that has been floating around lately. Newt Gingrich has gone on record saying that Brad Pitt should portray him if there were to be a movie about his life -- clearly Newt hasn't seen this photo! As for Brad Pitt, this isn't the first time he's been mentioned in a political conversation (as folks in New Orleans already know). I think that all of this is hilarious, but it may end up confusing younger generations. For example, I'm convinced half of the kids growing up during the Bush administration still think Will Ferrell is George W. Bush. And just for the record kids, Darrell Hammond and Bill Clinton are not the same person...I think. Let's Check out some grad school news:

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