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GradShare 360 - Do Away With Mother's Day?!

The Washington Post ran an interesting article that included the history of how Mother's Day was founded, as well as some statistics about mothers in the United States. It turns out that the very woman who lobbied in front of congress for Mother's Day to be an official holiday, was also the same person that led a tireless effort against the day being an official holiday. Anna Jarvis was able to convince congress to observe Mother's Day, and we've been officially celebrating the day in America since 1914; however, Anna later opposed the commercialization of Mother's Day and led a campaign to repeal the holiday. I think mothers everywhere are happy her later efforts failed, because commercial or not, they all deserve more recognition. And after all, there have to be some mothers that work for Hallmark, so either way you look at it, moms are still reaping the benefits from the sale of all those cards. Let's check out some grad school news:

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